Pharma Info Center



Pharma Info Center is a specialized contact center (call center), a product of Pharma Media Ltd.;  

This center provides high-tech solutions in the fields of telecommunications and marketing, suitable for companies and organizations that aim to provide top quality service to its clients and partners;

Pharma info center contacted with the target audience in the country through technology transfer via internet / voip /, e-mailing, web publications etc.



– integration of several communication channels;

– casual access to your current and prospective customers;

– reduce costs;

– optimization of marketing activities;

– increase your sales.



This is highly effective integrated communication approach aimed to specialized audiences;

Medical practitioners / general practitioners and specialists / – 80% of the audience of campaigning expressed a positive attitude towards this kind of transmission of synthesized medical information. Over 60% expressed a desire to receive additional information via e-mail or by visiting the dedicated website ;